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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Meet Our CEO

Beverly Drake- Harden

About 3 years ago I realized my purpose and my passion. My church decided to make dinners for the homeless. The women made about 50 spaghetti dinners and the guys rode around looking for homeless people to give them to. I cannot explain the warm feeling I felt inside from giving hungry people food.

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That's when GOD revealed to me my purpose. I started making lunches once a month to take to the homeless. I would get volunteers from my church, my friends or family to help make sandwiches. We would put a sandwich, chips, cookies and a bottle of water in a bag for about 100 people. I saw that they needed other things like shoes, personal hygiene items and clothes, so I started distributing these items also. I have been able to do this with GOD, my social security check and donations from family and friends. In 2020, I started Heart 2

Hands Atlanta Inc.

Please visit our site to find out more information on our CEO & more about our organization

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